18/08/2020 - This months news, direct from Optimise HQ

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Andy here, quite frankly things are a bit busy here at the moment and finding the time to sort things like Newsletters out is near impossible. It’s late Tuesday evening as I write this, having just got home for the day and had my dinner, I finally find myself sitting on the sofa with a free 30 mins or so… for the first time in, well I don’t really remember.

I can’t quite get over whats happening at the moment here at Optimise, in a time of doom and gloom we appear to have bloomed - we’ve never been busier, we’ve never been as booked up. In a time of apparent hardship for business, we are seeing the opposite.

If I had the time, I’d personally thank each and every one of you, your support (and continued bookings) throughout this uncertain time is greatly appreciated.

This was meant to be a year of growth here at Optimise, as we continue our move into the wonderful world of VW Transporters we had hoped to take on a couple of new members to the team and also start the hunt for a new HQ (we’ve sadly outgrown our Winpenny Road home).

Covid-19 obviously put a big brick wall in front of these plans and lockdown was all about damage control and adapting to an uncertain period that apparently lay ahead for business.

However, I find myself 12 weeks after we reopened again thinking of the future (rather than damage control), it’s hard not to when we have such an enormous amount of work booked in.

This business literally means everything to me, I really can’t get over how, in such an unprecedented terrible time, we find ourselves busier than ever.

Thank you.

20200701 20200701 20200701

With regards to current lead times:

Product Range Orders:

Annoyingly, we are unable to give accurate lead time estimates at this moment in time - following our closed period we have the biggest backlog of orders that we have ever had and we don’t really know how long it will take to get everything back to normal (obviously like everyone else, we’ve never been in this situation before). We believe our lead times are currently between 8 and 12 weeks, but to be honest that is a bit of a guess - it might be less (we hope it’s less), it might be more.

Just to let you know and to give you an idea of where we are up to (with the backlog), all orders placed on or before Sunday 7th June 2020 have been dispatched.

We are hoping to get our lead times (across our product ranges) considerable down over the coming month.

Bespoke Projects:

With regards to our current schedule of bespoke work, first available start dates (for any bespoke order) are now into the New Year (end of January/beginning of February). If you are looking to book any bespoke work in, we recommend getting in touch ASAP - we don’t want anyone to miss out on those all important winter project time slots.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team