01/03/2018 - Would You Like to Win An Interior For £10?


Before Christmas we added a number of popular bespoke options to the website, including plenty of information photos and guide prices.

Over the coming months we will tell you more about these popular bespoke options and this month we will tell you all about bespoke door cards. A very popular item to customise, to suit your projects individual theme.

Bespoke Door Cards

If you are looking for something a little different (to the standard options that we offer), we can very simply introduce a third colour of piping and/or stitching, as demonstrated by the example below, with the red piping & stitching, introduced onto our wide-stripe fluted door card in black and light grey vinyl leatherette:

In addition to simply adding extra colours, perhaps you are looking for a change of trimming and you would prefer something different to the standard leatherette door cards, if so we can trim our Classic Mini door cards in a variety of materials, as demonstrated by the Alcantara door cards (with leatherette piping) below:

Alternatively, if you are looking for something completely unique, we can design & trim a bespoke set of door cards, specifically for your project. As demonstrated by the example below:

Prices for bespoke designed door cards are completely unique and will vary from project to project depending on the trimmings (leatherette, leather, micro suede, Alcantara, cloth etc.), layouts and/or custom design that is required.  For more information and if you would like a bespoke quote put together, please contact us.


Would You Like to Win An Interior For £10?

We have recently see a trend of businesses raffling off items and this got us thinking...

"Would you lovely lot be interested in an interior raffle?"

It's a very simple theory... We sell raffle tickets (either 60 @ £10 or 30 @ £20), once they are all sold we have a prize draw and the winner gets a new interior for there beloved Classic Mini.

We would love to know what you think of the idea and also how much you would like to pay for a ticket (in return for certain odds).

  • Is this a completely stupid idea? Your not interested.
  • 60 tickets at £10 a ticket (odds of 1/60).
  • 30 tickets at £20 a ticket (odds of 1/30).

Obviously £20 is a lot more than £10 for a raffle, but at £20 you half the odds of winning - so we are very interested to know your thoughts.

Please let us know what you think (and you can vote and/or have your say over on TMF: LINK) and also please fire away with any other suggestions.  Fingers crossed the idea is well received and we can look to offer our first raffle ASAP.


The Optimise Automotive team