15/11/2022 - Bespoke Interiors - Special Offers!

As we continue our journey and start to finalise our new level of service, across our Classic Mini interiors (as mentioned last month, an in-depth statement will be presented in the near future, once everything is finalised), we find ourselves needing a better selection of photos to complete our newly overhauled bespoke interiors page on the website.

Bespoke Classic Mini Interiors

We are looking to fill the page (please click the banner above to take a look) with beautiful photos of popular bespoke options, ranging from OEM replicas to modified show stoppers. Now, we could just wait for orders to come in throughout the next year, but we’d rather not as we would prefer to speed up the final stages of our development.

And, this is where you guys come in…

We are offering special offers on specific interior options, so we can complete our updated bespoke interiors page ASAP.

If one of the options listed below sounds like it would work for you and your project, please get in touch - you do not want to miss out on our big money saving special offers:

This page will be updated and the special offer interiors deleted (from the list) as projects are confirmed.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team