29/09/2023 - A time for change...

Throughout these changing times we’ve been very open with regards to our falling sales and the reality is, we need to adapt, to this new financial climate and also to a evolving Mini market, in order to survive.

As a result, over the next 6 months or so we will be adapting how we operate and making the necessary adjustments to our services, to secure the long term future of Optimise.

Although a majority of what we do wont change, it does regrettably mean that we will be dropping dashboards, centre consoles, footwell map shelves, heater cover consoles, armrests, cup holder consoles, dash rail speaker pods, door cappings and kickboards from our Classic Mini catalogue. Therefore, if you have any of these items on your shopping list please make sure you place an order ASAP, as they will be removed from our product range late October/early November.

Change might be frightening, but it can also be for the better and having made some difficult decisions over the past month or so, I’m excited to get stuck into this period of development and I’m looking forward at what the future holds.

I would like to thank the Mini community for your support throughout the past few months, it has been greatly appreciated.

Here is to the future and to a future full of more incredible interior transformations, long may our journey continue.



Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy @ Optimise Auto Trim