25/03/2019 - Leatherette Update & A Busy Few Months Ahead!

The Classic Mini market is changing and as values continue to rise we are seeing more of a trend towards a majority of customers now looking for “quality” as opposed to “cheapest”.

As a result of this switch in mentality, we have made the decision to upgrade our product range leatherette - from a base automotive leatherette, to a premium automotive leatherette.

This update has resulted in a slight increase in cost across our product ranges - but it does mean that our standard leatherette trimmed options are now a premium product, resulting in a better quality of interior across our standard options.

Please check out the new upgraded range on the link below:

  • Vinyl Leatherette (Standard): LINK



In Other News...

A Busy Few Months Ahead!

We are currently busier than ever and our standard product range lead times are currently around 4 to 6 weeks.

In addition to this, our bespoke work schedule is filling up very fast for the first half of 2019.

If you are working to a specific deadline or to a project completion date please let us know, so we can book the work in to our schedule for you ASAP.

We are already completely booked up until early June (week commencing 3rd June) for bespoke projects and as always, we are in discussions with a number of customers (with regards to bespoke projects). We anticipate that a majority of our bespoke work time slots for the first half of 2019 could be booked up within the next month and if a fraction of our current discussions lead to confirmed projects, we will be booked up until the end of summer, very shortly.

To avoid the potential disappointment of missing out on your deadline (if you are working to a deadline), please let us know your plans ASAP to ensure that we can fit you into our bespoke schedule.

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Have a great day.

Kind regards,
The Optimise Automotive team