20/02/2016 - Union Jack Headliner - Installation Special Offer

We are still looking to get a Union Jack headliner in for a fitting, simply for photographic purposes.

Unfortunately, we had four booked in for fitting over the past year and all have been cancelled (we have ended up supplying the headliners for the customers to fit themselves, rather than us fitting them - so we have been unable to get the photos that we need). So...

For £250 one lucky customer (perhaps you?) can have a Union Jack headliner supplied and fitted to your MK3 (onwards) Classic Mini.

To put that into £££ saving numbers for you, a printed Union Jack headliner is £200 and headlining kit fitting is from £200 to £250 (depending on specs) so this special offer is a MASSIVE saving of up to £200.

  • First come, first serve (and only one available).



Andy @ Optimise Automotive