Parcel Shelf Board - Union Jack (Stitched)

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Classic Mini Union Jack (stitched) rear parcel shelf board panel, trimmed in vinyl leatherette.

Kit consists of:

1x parcel shelf board.
1x driver side lower C pillar trim (MK7 onwards only).
1x passenger side lower C pillar trim (MK7 onwards only).


Designed to be installed in all MK3 (Onwards) Saloons & Clubmans (1969 to 2000) (please select your from the selection box above).

An installation guide for this item can be found on the link below:


This standard product range item is designed (visually) as photographed, manufactured from 6mm MDF and trimmed in vinyl leatherette with a 6mm foam backing.

Trimming options:

This standard product range item is trimmed in vinyl leatherette with decorative thread top stitching (please select the colours you desire from the selection boxes above). For reference, the example photograph has been trimmed in gunmetal grey vinyl leatherette with Royal blue stitching.

When on the shopping basket (if applicable) please make a note, in the 'Order and delivery comments' box (found at the bottom of the shopping basket), detailing the contrasting stitching colour you would like. Contrasting stitching options are as follows (one of the below):

  • Black
  • Gunmetal grey
  • Light grey
  • Snow white
  • Light brown
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Dark blue
  • Royal blue
  • Dark green

Please see the links below for colour charts of these standard trimming options:

If you cannot find a match within our standard range of trimming options (linked above), please check out our colour swatches & samples (linked below), where you will find a vast range of bespoke trimming options.

And, if you would like to change the trimming options and/or designs of this item, to match your Mini's interior, please contact us with regards to our bespoke services.


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