31/08/2021 - Welcome To Our New Normal

Good morning,

Regular readers of our Blog will know that throughout the past 18 months I have continually kept everyone up-to-date with regards to unavoidable Covid service changes and Classic Mini product range lead times.

However, it was always going to come to a point when the time was right to accept that this is the “new normal” and I am absolutely delighted to announce, that time is now!

The giant backlog of orders from March & April is now well out the way and slowly but surly we will now get our lead times down to what we class as pre-Covid normal. Frustratingly, our progress was massively halted this month following an enforced closure as a result of a Covid outbreak here at Optimise (we lost 168 hours of production to Covid isolations in August). Lets ignore that though (as it’s something that we don’t have any control over) and concentrate on the fact that per working week over the course of the past 8 working weeks we have manufactured & dispatched more than 8 weeks worth of orders, meaning that per week worked our lead times are finally starting to drop again.

This feels like the perfect time for us to move on and it’s time for us to yet again celebrate the amazing things that we do here at Optimise.

I would like to thank the vast majority of our customers for your continued support, your kind words and your understanding throughout - it's you lot that have kept us going.

We’ve got absolutely loads of new stuff to share with you, as over the past 18 months we have actually introduced a number of new products & services, many of which became lost in a Covid haze.

I’ll be back in a months time with a refreshingly old school, pre-Covid, exciting update.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team