02/06/2023 - VW Campervan Interiors Relaunch

With a massive smile on my face I am delighted to announce that we have FINALLY relaunched our VW Campervan interior services.

In March 2020 when Covid hit we were just starting to find our feet within the VW community. Given so much uncertainty at the time, we made the decision to “reverted back to type” and concentrated our efforts back to what was traditionally the core of the business (since 2008), Classic Mini interiors.

Throughout the past three years we have undertaken a number of stunning VW Camper interiors, but we haven’t really been promoting that side of Optimise and/or updated that section of the website… until now.

Please check out our relaunched VW Camper section of the website:

VW Campervan Interiors


We do still have absolutely loads to add, including more photos of the work we have been carrying out and also additional estimated costings for different aspects of camper interiors, but it’s great to finally feel like we are back to where we where, three years ago.



Plus, we are now once again getting back under way with our own Little Green Camper project. If you haven’t already, please check out our YouTube channel and keep an eye-out for new episodes shortly:




It’s exciting times here at Optimise and we can’t wait to continue our journey into the wonderful VW community.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team