07/04/2021 - Union Jack Printed Trim, LAUNCHED

We are extremely excited to launch a stunning range of Classic Mini Union Jack printed trim products.

The range includes Union Jack headlining kits, Union Jack door cards and Union Jack parcel shelf boards. Please click the images below to be redirected to our website, where you will find more information.




The introduction of printed leatherette trim also enables us to offer any printed pattern/flag/design you desire. The possibilities are basically endless and we are able to offer bespoke printed dashboards, consoles, door cards, parcel shelf boards, headliners etc.

The printed leatherette is a truly exciting addition to the already excellent range of bespoke personalised services we offer (such as embroidery and embossing) and we look forward to seeing unique printed trim rolling off our production line over the coming months.


In Other News...

Grab a bargain

Last month we launched a range of Classic Mini Union Jack panel shelf boards and this month you can grab a bargain and buy our demo boards (the ones we made up for the photos) for just £5 (+P&P).

Only one of each board is available (so be quick), please see the links below to buy the board you desire:

  • MK3 to MK6 Saloon or Clubman (1973 to 1995): LINK
  • MK7 (Onwards) Saloon (1995 to 2000): LINK


Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team