01/08/2019 - A shift towards our specialisms!

Here at Optimise we have always “specialised” in the Classic Mini and audio enclosures (and more recently VW Transporters). However, in addition to our “specialist” areas we have always promoted & offered interiors for anything and everything. Or in other words, in addition to our specialisms, we have also been your local interior trim, upholstery and audio enclosure shop.

Over the past 11 years this has seen us work on some incredible projects - including modified MINI’s, show stopping Nissan Z’s, concourse Lotus Elan’s, regal Jensen Interceptor’s, MG’s, Alfa Romeo’s, Triumph’s… the list goes on and on.

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We’ve never done loads of “other vehicles” though and Classic Mini interiors have always fulfilled 80% plus of our projects.

This brings us nicely to where we are right now and our move (over the past 12 months) into also specialising in VW Transporter interiors. Our Classic Mini and VW Transporter projects, combined with the audio enclosures and moped & motorbike seat retrims mean that our schedules are continually jam packed with incredible “specialist” projects.

So that’s that, we have made the decision to specialise in what we do best and also, what we are most passionate about - modified retro loveliness.

Also, just to let you know - this is certainly not the end of offering interiors for “anything & everything” and if you want something trimming for a vehicle that we do not “specialise” in we can certainly offer it. But, this is the end of us promoting ourselves as “your local trim shop”. Basically, we are now a Classic Mini, VW Transporter, retro moped & motorbike and audio enclosure specialist. 

Thumbs up to an amazing future, we are excited.

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In Other News...

MITP 2019

We will be trading at Mini In The Park at Mallory Park, Leicestershire on Sunday 18th August.

MITP has a new venue for 2019 (Mallory Park) and we can’t wait - fingers crossed the switch from Santa Pod rejuvenates the show and it can soon again be classed as the best show on the Mini show calendar.

We look forward to seeing you all there!



Have a great day.

Kind regards,
The Optimise Automotive team