09/10/2018 - Check Out Our New T-Shirts

We have launched a range of Optimise Automotive branded Classic Mini and VW Camper T-shirts, check out the range online here: LINK


In Other News...

New website launch, a glimpse into the future of Optimise!

If you haven’t already, check out our new website design.

Launched last month, our fresh look website design has been introduced ahead of numerous updates that we will be making over the coming months. New design features include a more modern appearance with several navigation improvements - designed to help the user experience and make navigating around the website much easier than before.

This is the first glimpse into the future of Optimise Automotive (and a much needed update), as we start our launch of numerous new product ranges over the coming year, thrusting our services into new markets.

The website has been split (and will continue to be split further) into easier to navigate sub-categories. This will mean (moving forward, once we have completed the updates) that if you are looking for a Classic Mini interior, you will only need to click on “Classic Mini Interiors” and everything you need to know will be listed within a single sub-category.

We have already made a start with the “big split” updates - exterior trim, audio enclosures & merchandise are finished (so take a look at them, we have also added new photo galleries). In addition to this, we have also introduced further information pages such as “Seat Repairs” and over the coming months further information pages will be introduced, allowing you to find everything you need on our website.

It’s very exciting times here at Optimise Automotive, we can’t wait to take this journey with you.


Have a great day.

The Optimise Automotive team