03/09/2014 - Classic Mini Centre Console Update

Just a quick one to let you know that we have updated our centre consoles, basically making them easier to buy.

- We have introduced a 1 side fits all design.
- We have removed the option of "pre assembled". 


We often get asked "how do I know if I have a plastic or metal heater?", so we have decided to simply offer a one side fits all all console, thus eliminating the confusion. The new, one side fits all side panel, is basically a combination of the metal and plastic side panel and as the differences between the two panels are so small, it doesn't really make a difference (also, we have always sold one side fits all consoles at shows anyway).

And, as you have to assemble the console in the mini (it can't be fitted as an assembled unit, as it doesn't fit like that), we have scrapped the pre assembled option (to be honest I have no idea why we ever offered it in the first place).

Anyway, plenty of other updates will be coming soon (including new price structures).

For now, enjoy the easier buying experience!!

Andy @ Optimise Automotive