01/11/2019 - Dispatch Dates For Your Christmas Prezzies!

The count down to Christmas is now well under way, the big day is rapidly approaching and we don’t want to see any of you disappointed if that special prezzie doesn’t turn up in time.

Please start thinking about your Christmas presents now, before it’s too late.

Important Christmas Dispatch Dates:

Place your order on or before: Sunday 1st December 2019.
For your order to be dispatched on or before: Wednesday 18th December 2019.

Important Christmas Closure Dates:

We close for Christmas on: Friday 20th December 2019 @ 13:00.
We open after our break on: Monday 6th January 2020 @ 08:30.

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In Other News...

Bespoke Winter Restorations & Projects Update

Last month we let you know that our bespoke winter project time slots are currently booking up faster than ever before and that we are in discussions with plenty of other people with regards to bespoke interiors, for the New Year. We also asked you all to start thinking about booking your winter projects in as soon as possible, to avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Thank you - many of you have taken our advice and we now have loads of incredibly exciting projects booked in between now and May.

Just to let you know, we are now completely booked up (for bespoke projects) until we close for Christmas and our first available start dates (for anything bespoke) are currently around the middle of January.

If you are looking to have any bespoke work completed before MiniFair (Bingley Hall) at the end of January we would recommend contacting us and booking the work in this week (we are actually a couple of confirmations away from being booked up until mid February).

In addition to this, we already have several bookings confirmed for later in the New Year (including projects confirmed for January, February, April & May).

As before, please contact us ASAP with regards to your winter retrims - we obviously don’t want anyone to miss out this winter, especially if you are looking to have your interior retrimmed before the start of next years show season.

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Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team