24/02/2013 - February 2013 - News, updates and info

What a year 2013 is turning out to be...
It's been 7 weeks since we returned to work after our Christmas period closure and we have already completed some beautiful projects and progressed very well with some crucial product developments.

Since we last updated you at the start of 2013 we have now launched the following new products:

- Classic Mini arm rests (see info below).
- Wedged sealed subwoofer boxes (see info below).

We have also managed to squeeze in some development of some future products:

- Classic Mini centre consoles (which are set for release within the next few weeks).
- Classic Mini dashboards (progressing very well and are set for release within the next few months).
- Wedged ported subwoofer boxes (also set for release within the next few weeks).

Getting Married?


We recently completed the beautiful white leather interior (photographed above) for Italian Job Mini Hire (the interior is for the bridal car) please see the website (LINK) for more information and if you would like to know more get in touch with Dave Moore, the brains behind the idea & the owner of the three lovely Mini's.


Classic Mini Arm Rests - OUT NOW
This month we launched our range of Classic Mini centre arm rests.

The range is designed to fit all standard Classic Mini’s (1959 to 2000) that have a gap of 14cm (or above) between the inside seat squab (seat back) bolsters on the front seats.  Available with or without a top opening storage compartment and covered in a range of carpet (sides) & vinyl leatherette (faces) coverings.

Our arm rests instantly provide a touch of luxury and comfort to your Classic Mini interior.

Slim_Sub_BoxesWedged Sealed Sub Boxes - OUT NOW
We have also launched our wedged sealed sub boxes.

Available for 8”, 10", 12” or 15" subwoofers, in a range of carpet coverings.

In addition to launching wedged sealed subwoofer boxes we have also launched a range of 'slim' sealed subwoofer boxes.

Available for 10" or 12” subwoofers, both square and wedged type boxes, in a range of carpet coverings.

They have been developed for those of you who have less space available to install a sub box.

Anyway, enjoy March and I'll be back with another update in about a months time.

Andy @ Optimise Automotive