02/11/2020 - We are getting closer, to what used to be normal

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Following my previous updates with regards to catching up with everything, getting things back to normal (pre-Covid19 normal) and temporarily closing the office - just like last month, I have nothing but good news to report and we are gradually getting back on track.

As it stands lead times are back down to around 4 to 5 weeks - which is near enough pre-covid timings and we anticipate that everything will be back to normal by mid-November.

Moving forward (as before), the office remains closed and it will likely remain closed until mid-November. Once everything is completely back to normal, we will reopen the office. With regard to getting in touch with us, whilst the office is closed:

  • Emails will be responded to once a week, every Monday.
  • Answer phone messages will be responded to if considered urgent, daily.
  • Alternatively, we will respond to non-urgent answer phone messages once a week, again, on a Monday.
  • Pus, if we need to contact you with regards to a current order, we still will (so please do not worry about that).

And again, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding and support as we all deal with this unprecedented situation.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,
Andy & the Optimise Automotive team

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