04/01/2013 - January 2013 - Blogging

New Years resolutions, plans for the coming year and blogging.

First of all, on behalf of everyone here at Optimise Automotive I (Andy) would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

I'm not really one for new years resolutions, but if I have one, it is to blog, on a monthly basis. Simply to keep everyone up-to-date with what we are up to (and what we have been up to that month) I will be blogging.

I will also be adding my thoughts on the interior trends and fashions (both old and modern) - which will also work brilliantly as inspiration to you, when choosing your dream interior.

So the first of my blogs…

It's our second day back at Optimise HQ after our closure over the festive period and we are once again fully booked for the foreseeable future (4 full interiors on top of our weekly product sales already confirmed for this month). There are a few incredibly exciting interiors coming up over the next few months and we can't wait to share those with you (via Facebook and this blog).

And perhaps a second new years resolution (perhaps unknowingly I infect love new years resolution) of mine is to use our Facebook page and regularly upload photos of the work we are doing, so make sure to like our Facebook page:


(I'll be starting that new years resolution on Monday)

One bit of not so good news though - being so busy is bad news for our new product release dates and pushes the launches of many exciting additions to our product range back a little.

Most notably:

Still under development - we were hoping to find time over the next few weeks to spend some time on them for a late Feb/early March launch, but this is now looking impossible. Fingers crossed they are not delayed for too long and we have an announcement within he next few months regarding a release date.

Classic Mini seat covers and re-trims
Although our Classic Mini seat covers and re-trims are designed, developed and 'unofficially' launched (you can order them upon request) we still need to add them to our website. Fingers crossed we have a further announcement regarding a official release date ASAP.

Arm rests and centre consoles
Although our arm rests and centre consoles are designed, developed and  launched on eBay we still need to add them to our website. As above, fingers crossed we have a further announcement regarding release dates ASAP.

The above items will be launched (and/or added to the website) at some point ASAP, fingers crossed some time soon - but looking at the schedule of work and current orders it won't be any time this month (or next)!

So, that's enough blogging for now - enjoy your weekend (it's looking like it might be dry, so an excuse to get out for a drive!!)

Andy @ Optimise Automotive