03/04/2019 - New Classic Mini Dash Liner Kits & 1275GT Seat Cover Kits

We are well aware here at Optimise that “the customer knows best” and over the years we have continually made updates across the Classic Mini product range, to ensure that you all get exactly what you want and/or need.

Our latest update is to our range of dash liner kits and we have reluctantly been forced to drop our innovative one-piece lower dash tray liners in favour of an original style three-piece lower dash tray liner kit.

Our binnacle dash liners and innovative one-piece lower dash tray liners fitted slightly different to the original trim and unfortunately, from time-to-time, our customers struggled to get them to fit correctly (we can only guess that this is because they want them to fit just like the original liners).

As a result, we have made the decision to drop our innovative one-piece lower dash tray liners and replace them with a kit that everyone will be able to install correctly.

The new kits consist of two (one for each side) under dash tray liner support trays (manufactured from 6mm MDF) and a one piece padded dash tray liner (manufactured from a 3mm closed cell foam and trimmed in either leatherette or carpet).

In addition to this, we have also had problems in the past when customers have attempted to install one aspect of our dash liner kits (either a binnacle dash liner or a lower dash tray) with one aspect of an original dash liner kit (either an original binnacle dash liner or an original lower dash tray).

As a result, we have also grouped the new lower dash tray kits together with our binnacle dash liner kits.

These latest updates will ensure that every dash kit we sell, will fit every Mini (even if you install them like the original dash liners), without any problems.



In Other News...

Clubman 1275GT Front Seat Covers

We have been commissioned to trim 12 sets of original Clubman 1275GT front seat covers, using the last known roll in the World of the original grey 1275GT cloth!

These cover kits are available to buy (via the customer who has commissioned the work) on a first-come-first-serve basis and if you are interested, please contact Jason ASAP (via the email address: dsigns@btinternet.com).

In addition to this, we can also completely rebuild your original front seats, prices as follows:

  • Seat cover fitting: £120 (x2 reclining front seat covers fitted to original 1275GT frames).
  • New foams: £140 (x2 squab foams & x2 cushion foams).
  • New seat diaphragms £160 (x2 squab diaphragms & x2 cushion diaphragms, inc. installation).

If you are interested, please get in touch.

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Have a great day.

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The Optimise Automotive team