01/05/2017 - Price Increases... (Sorry)

Regrettably, we will be increasing prices across our product ranges over the coming weeks and months.

A majority of our prices were actually set way back in 2010, when national minimum wage was £5.93, there was no such thing as a work based pension and the UK was part of the EU. Fast forward to 2017, national minimum wage has increased to £7.50, all employees are legally entitled to a pension and the UK has left the EU.

Breaking those three key areas down for you, means the following:

  • Wages here at Optimise have gone up in relation with minimum wage, increasing our hourly labour costs.
  • We now pay a yearly pensions contribution of roughly £300 per employee (this figure will steadily increase to £900 by 2019).
  • Since Brexit we have already seen a slight increase on material costs (namely foam, carpet and leatherette), we can only hope that Theresa manages to broker us a cracking deal for imports from Asia (where a majority of leatherette, foam etc. is manufactured), otherwise further price increases will be inevitable.

We have held off as long as possible but regrettably, price increases are now unavoidable.

We are still calculating final increases - but we do anticipate that they will be around the 20% and 30% mark.



In other news...

We have made the decision to remove dash rail covers from our product range and only offer dash rail retrims.

This is something that we have been considering for the past 12 months - basically, fitting the covers to the dash rails is a skilled job and throughout the years we have always received a high percentage of people reporting problems when fitting our covers.

However, there isn’t a problem with the covers - (as above) fitting the covers is a skilled job and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily get it terribly wrong.

Moving forward, you will now need to send us your dash rails to have them retrimmed.

This is the first of a number of product range updates that will be introduced over the coming months, including sun visor covers/retrims and also a complete overhaul of our seat cover designs.

Watch this space.


Your Rides

This months "your rides" competition has just finished and you can cast your vote on our Facebook page.




Want to show off your ride? Then submit a photo of your car looking its best into our monthly online competition, “your rides”.

We will be publishing all entries on our website and each month we will choose our favourite 5 photos and put them to the vote over on our Facebook page, the one with the most likes will win a £50 Optimise Automotive gift voucher.



Have a great day.

Andy @ Optimise Automotive