03/02/2015 - Product Update: Classic Mini Seat Covers & Retrims

A couple of updates for you regarding Classic Mini seat cover kits & retrim services.

Classic Mini Seat Cover Kits

We have recently updated our price structure for our standard range of Classic Mini seat cover kits and we have also added reclining front seats (without head rests) to the range (we will shortly be adding MPi seat covers to the range, I will have further news regarding this ASAP).

Classic Mini Seat Retrim Services

Also, for the first time ever, we have added the option of purchasing our seat retrim service directly on the website. This means that you no longer need to contact us in advance for a quote (unless it is for bespoke work).

Classic Mini Bespoke Seat Covers & Retrims

Both of the above updates are for our standard range of designs, in our standard range of vinyl leatherette - so nothing has changed for bespoke work and (as before) if you would like a bespoke set of seat covers or a bespoke seat retrim (in different designs and/or materials) please get in touch so we can put a bespoke quote together for you.

Andy @ Optimise Automotive