20/11/2017 - Product Update - Fuel Bibs

It is company policy here at Optimise to always review the feedback we receive (both good & bad) and if it's bad feedback we obviously need to find what was wrong.

With the above in mind, following a recent complaint with regards to the rear side of our fuel bibs we have made a product update, to ensure that both sides of the item are trimmed in matching material.





To be honest, it’s a bit of a strange one this and despite this being a completely pointless update (as you do not see the back of the item when it is installed, hanging from the fuel pipe neck), it is an update that we kind of agree with and it is without doubt an update that makes the item much better (not when installed - but as a finished, quality, stand alone item).

We completely sympathise with the complaint and we understand that you guys naturally want the item to look finished, in situ or not in situ. As mentioned above, the back of this item is 99% hidden when installed (unless you specifically look for the back, you can't see it) and despite the back of the item being well trimmed and tidy (as photographed above), it was an open backed item (meaning you could see the inner workings of the fuel bib).

Anyway, we have made the update and the back is now completely trimmed (in the matching material), as photographed above.

There has been a slight price increase of - but, I think you will agree the additional cost is worth it for such a superior finish.

Andy @ Optimise Automotive