01/04/2018 - Product Update - Fuel Bibs

Since we introduced the “double sided only” fuel bibs (which also came with a hefty price increase), sales have dramatically fallen.

As a result we have reintroduced the original single sided fuel bibs and also kept the double sided option.

The rear of the fuel bib is 99% hidden when installed (unless you specifically look for the back, you can't see it) and despite the back of the item being well trimmed and tidy, our single sided fuel bibs are an open backed item (meaning you can see the inner workings of the fuel bib).

We completely sympathise with the complaint and we understand that you (our customers) naturally want the item to look finished, in situ or not in situ. As a result, you can now choose yourself, between the single sided bib and the double sided bib.

Andy @ Optimise Automotive