01/09/2019 - We would love your help…

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A summer to remember…

As we start to sit back and relax a little after our busiest summer to date, it’s the perfect time to start planning for the winter and in particular (as we mentioned in last month's Newsletter) our shift towards becoming a specialist.

The VW Transporter section of our website is currently being revamped and over the coming weeks additional information, photos and price guides will be added.

Following that, we will be updating the Classic Mini section of the website and introducing new photo galleries (amongst other things).

And we would love your help…

If you have had one of our interiors and you would like your Mini to be featured in our new galleries, please send us over a few high resolution photos.

If possible please send us a minimum of four photos (so we can include your Mini on our main gallery page) and also please only send us landscape photographs (as portrait photos will not work in the galleries).

We are looking to feature 5 Classic Mini interiors on the main gallery and any remaining photos will be added to a thumbnail gallery.

20190804 20190801 20190801

In Other News...

Stanford Hall

We will be trading at Standford Hall, Lutterworth on Sunday 15th September 2019.

British Mini Club’s Mini day is the last major outdoor event of the year and it promises to be a brilliant day, as BMC continue to revive one of the oldest Mini shows on the calendar.

See you all there.



Have a great day.

Kind regards,
The Optimise Automotive team