Bespoke Audio Enclosures

Bespoke Audio Enclosures

Bespoke Audio Enclosure Products

If you have had a look through our audio enclosures range and cannot find the exact specification that you desire, please let us know. The entire range is completely customisable and regardless of the change that you desire (be it a different speaker size or a bespoke trimming), we are sure to be able to cater for your every need.

Bespoke Audio Enclosures

Alternatively, our bespoke audio enclosure service has been developed specifically for those of you that desire the ultimate car audio system. Regardless of the install that you desire, be it a pair of bespoke component speaker pods or a mind blowing bass crushing boot install - as demonstrated by the examples below, we have the necessary skills and expertise to create the in car entertainment install of your dreams.


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And in the meantime, to wet your appetite, here are a few examples of some stunning bespoke audio enclosure that we have created in the past:

Subaru Impreza Boot Install

Created for a customer who loves his bass loud and aggressive - but also required access to the spare wheel.

This eye-catching install was designed with loud tight bass and usability in mind. To achieve this goal we fitted the three 12" JL Audio subwoofers into the back area of boot within custom made angled boxes (the boxes are plenty big enough to produce the desired bass) and mounted the amps on custom built walls on either side.

The three 12" subwoofers certainly produce buckets of bass and there is no doubt about it, when cranked up you can hear this Impreza from miles around.

Honda Civic EP3 Type R Boot Install

Created for a customer who simply wanted to show off - both with the boot open and also when the system is fired up playing his favourite Prodigy anthems.

This stunning install was designed with both looks and "badass bass" in mind. However, to achieve the looks we did have to make a small compromise with the size of the ported enclosures (they are slightly smaller than they should be) - but, with the introduction of some sound dampening wadding and a day of tinkering the install produces buckets of aggressive volume.

With the boot open or closed this install wows the crowds - just like the customer wanted.


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