Design Services

Design Services

We offer a range of design services, developed to assist you through the design stages of creating your dream interior.

Regardless of what it is that you desire, be it a set of bespoke interior panels for a VW Golf GTi Cabriolet or a complete interior for a Nissan 300Z, we have the necessary skills and expertise to help transform your ideas into reality.

For expert advice regarding your vehicles interior theme please contact us. As demonstrated by the images below we can arrange a meeting here at Optimise HQ to discuss material options, colour options, stitching patterns and themes.


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In addition to offering expert advice and/or samples, we also offer a visual representation service - which is headed by Andy (an Automotive Designer by trade).

This service fits perfectly between the initial discussions and sample creation stages. As a visual representation of your interior, allows us to play around with different colour combinations and/or designs. Thus, allowing us to change and update aspects of the design until you are happy with it - as demonstrated by the series of images below.


So, if you are in need of a heaping hand, throughout the concept stages of creating your dream interior, please contact us regarding the above services.

Check out more examples of our work and follow our latest projects:

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