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At Optimise Automotive we specialise in Volkswagen Split Screen Transporter campervan & panel van interiors.

Our Splitty interiors are lovingly handcrafted by our highly skilled team, here at Optimise HQ in Newcastle-under-Lyme (Stoke-on-Trent), Staffordshire. 

You can either bring your VW Split Screen into our workshop for a full drive-in-drive-out bespoke interior makeover or alternatively, we can supply the individual items for you to fit yourself (with Worldwide distribution available).


Before we get into the details (and to wet your appetite), here are a few examples of some stunning Split Screen interiors that we have created in the past:


1964 Westfalia Splitty

This stunning 1964 Westfalia Splitty had been fully restored when it arrived with us and our brief was to “please make Archie’s interior look as stunning as the engine and paint”.

We kindly obliged and overhauled every item of Archie’s interior trim & upholstery - replacing the original drab grey & varnished ply panel interior with a beautiful cream leatherette & quilted light blue Alcantara combination. The colours perfectly match the exterior paintwork (we flipped the colours from cream top & light blue bottom on the exterior, to light blue top & cream bottom on the interior) and the colours (and material choices) look beautiful alongside the original Westfalia laminated wooden cabinets and varnished ply headliner.

A truly magnificent Westfalia restoration and one that we are immensely proud to have been part of.



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1964 Split Screen Panel Van

This gorgeous 1964 Slit Screen panel van arrived with us as a completely blank canvas (following a full nut & bolt resto), our brief was to “please line and retrim the entire van interior”.

Being presented with a bare shell provided us with the perfect opportunity to let our creativity run free and for us, the direction we instantly wanted to take this van was obvious - perfectly follow the split line on the exterior, on the interior. Luckily the owner agreed and we set to work - matching the lines (and colours) of the body on the interior and adding a vertical fluted stitch throughout (including on the headliner).

The results are incredible, this Split Screen van now looks as at home on the builders yard, as on a concourse.



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