Bespoke Classic Mini Interiors

A personalised service developed for Mini enthusiasts seeking a tailored interior. From OEM replicas to modified show stoppers, we have the passion, skills and experience to create you, the interior of your dreams.

Each & every item of the Classic Mini interior can be customised, to suit your builds unique theme and we specialise in personalising your interior, especially for you. We can supply each and every item individually or alternatively, we can supply complete interiors.

Take a look at our inspirational gallery below and discover how our bespoke services can work for you & your Mini.


Optimise "Standard" Product Range Interiors



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We manufacture the World’s largest & most complete Classic Mini MK3 (onwards) interior product range, which can also be tailored for those of you seeking something unique.

Offering everything you need (seats, upholstery, panels, trim, products and accessories) to completely makeover your Mini’s interior. It may surprise you to learn that such incredible interiors can be put together, using our standard product range. If you haven’t already, make sure you check it out:


Plus, the range is fully customisable and can very easily be modified to suit a more unique build.

With the introduction of personal touches (such as embroidery) and/or changes to the trimming options (perhaps you fancy upgrading to leather), truly stunning "bespoke" results can be achieved.

As demonstrated by the examples above, the versatility of our product range allows you to tailor your interior, especially for you.

OEM "Original" Interiors & OEM+ "Bespoke" Interiors



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We agree that certain Minis are best kept factory (OEM) and who can argue, as when a Mini rolls off the production line looking so stunning, you won't want and/or need to change the design of your interior.

If you are seeking an OEM replacement interior, please contact us so we can advise further on your options.

Alternatively, you may be looking to retrofit your Mini with an OEM+ interior.

In this instance, replacing your original interior with a OEM+ inspired interior can be just as effective as a fully customised interior. By taking design cues from original Mini interiors and combining them with enhanced quality features and/or non-original trimming options, you are able to create a stunning high end factory looking interior that ensures your project remains true to it’s humble beginnings.

As demonstrated by the examples above “originality” isn’t necessarily boring, when done right and combined with the correct build theme, it’s the only choice to consider.

Retro "Bespoke" Interiors



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Retro inspired interiors fit right between "OEM+" interiors and "modified" interiors.

The goal here is to create a period correct interior that looks to improve on the factory finish and appearance, which essentially maintains the Classic Mini’s original charm & character.

Inspiration for retro interiors is often taken from high end Classic Car's (such as Porsche or Lotus) or remastered Classic Car’s (such as Singer Vehicle Design or David Brown Automotive) and often includes modifications such as non-original front seats (period correct Cobra bucket seats work perfectly for retro builds), also combined with gorgeous retro trimmings such as retro leathers and/or Harris Tweed cloths.

We absolutely love retro-mod builds and as demonstrated by the examples above, we are always thrilled to help bring your visions to life.

Modified "Bespoke" Interiors



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What we class as “modified" demonstrates the more exuberant style of Mini interior and are built for those of you who desire something completely different to the norm.

Examples can include such modifications as non-original front seats (Cobra Le Mans seats, Mazda MX-5 seats, Ford RS Turbo Recaro seats or Alfa Romeo GTV seats work perfectly for modified builds, along with the later style original Mini seats) and are often combined with diamond stitching or unique panel designs, as well as with non-traditional trimming options such as Alcantara or patterned cloths.

Here at Optimise we encourage individuality and believe making your Mini unique, should be celebrated & promoted. It’s your Mini and in our opinion, you should do whatever the hell you want to it. After all, standing out from the crowd is what made the World fall in love with the Mini in the first place.

We absolutely love what we do and as demonstrated by the examples above, we love a challenge, so no matter what you have in mind we are here to turn your dreams, into reality.



Please Note It is not unusual for our bespoke diary to be booked up months ahead. If you are working to a deadline please make sure that you look to book your project in, well in advance, as obviously we don’t want you to miss out on your dream interior.

Alternatively, (if you do need a new interior sooner), please check out our standard Classic Mini interior product ranges:

For information regarding current estimated lead times, please contact us.




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We love what we do.

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