Classic Mini Interior Product Range

We manufacture the World’s largest & most complete Classic Mini interior product range, designed for all UK built MK3 (onwards) Classic Mini Saloons & Classic Mini Clubmans (1969 to 2000).

Lovingly handcrafted by our highly skilled passionate team, our standard product range is completely remastered. Essentially designed to improve the factory fitment, quality and appearance, to satisfy the requirements of todays Classic Mini enthusiast.

Enabling you, our customer, to replace and enhance every item of your Mini’s interior (seats, panels, trim, products & accessories), whilst also maintaining the Classic Mini’s original charm and character.

Please browse through our incredible Classic Mini interior product range and buy securely, online today. Plus, if you need any advise, please get in touch.


Interior Packages Seats

Interior Packages.

Look at our fabulous range of Classic Mini interior packages, for original front seats (choose from covers or retrims) with matching interiors.

Alternatively, the packages are available with replacement Cobra front seats (with the same matching interiors), trimmed in our own range of leatherette, allowing you to perfectly match every item of your interior to a new set of Cobra seats.


Glance at our incredible range of seat cover kits & seat retrim services, for original Classic Mini front seats.

Plus, we also offer a range of replacement Cobra front seats, trimmed in our own range of leatherette, allowing you to perfectly match every item of your Classic Mini interior, to a new set of Cobra seats.

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Door Cards Products & Accessories

Door Cards.

Cast your eyes over our distinguished range of Classic Mini door cards.

The range includes a variety of different door card designs and also a range of door card accessories.

Products & Accessories.

Check out our stunning range of Classic Mini products & accessories.

The range includes arm rest consoles, centre consoles, dashboards and speaker pods.

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Headliners & Trim Carpets & Boot Liners

Headliners & Trim.

Peek at our exceptional range of Classic Mini headliners & trim.

The range includes headliners, dash trim, gaiters, kickboards, parcel shelf boards & rear pocket trim.

Carpets & Boot Liners.

View our magnificent range of Classic Mini carpets & boot liners.

The range includes carpet kits, mat sets, sound deadening kits and boot lining kits.

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