Bespoke Classic Mini Interiors

Bespoke Classic Mini Products

If you have had a look through our
Classic Mini interior product range and cannot find the exact specification that you desire, please let us know. The entire range is completely customisable and regardless of the change that you desire (be it a different stitch pattern or a bespoke trimming), we are sure to be able to cater for your every need.

Bespoke Classic Mini Interiors

Alternatively, our bespoke service has been developed specifically for those of you that desire the ultimate Classic Mini interior. Regardless of the interior that you desire, be it a
completely unique door card design and/or matching trim or perhaps you need a set of non-original front seats retrims - as demonstrated by the examples below, we have the necessary skills and expertise to create the interior of your dreams.


Each individual quote for a bespoke Classic Mini interior will be completely unique depending on the changes (to our standard products), trimming options and/or the complexity of the bespoke interior that you would like trimming.

For more information and if you would like a bespoke quote put together, please contact us.

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In the meantime, to wet your appetite, here are a few examples of some stunning bespoke Classic Mini interiors that we have created in the past:


Classic Mini SPi Interior



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Trimmed for Italian Job Mini Hire, this beautiful interior is the bridal car of the fleet - travel to your wedding in style, on luxury white leather seats. What else could you possibly ask for on your wedding day?

Classic Mini Clubman Estate Interior


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Trimmed for a customer who loves Aston Martins, this rather special Clubman Estate had been resprayed in classic Aston Martin British racing green paint and was quite frankly crying out for a retro 60's tan leather interior. Obviously, we kindly obliged and the finished results (as I think you will agree) are truly stunning.


Classic Mini MK3 OEM Interior


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Trimmed to as near as original specification as possible, this gorgeous MK3 was retrimmed in original desgins with a OEM yellow leatherette. When a Mini rolls off the production line looking this good, you don't need to change it.


Classic Mini MK5 Interior


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Trimmed to the customers exact requirements, this fabulous bespoke Classic Mini interior was trimmed in premium cream and light grey leatherette with lashings of pink piping (to pick up the exterior colour). We love it when a project comes togther and this one came perfectly together - an excellently well thought out interior that perfectly matches the unique build.



Bespoke Classic Mini Interior Information

Please remember that each & every item of the Classic Mini interior can be completely customised to suit your builds unique theme. Popular items to modify (and make unique) include the seats, door cards, dashboards & centre consoles, dash liners, parcel shelf boards and boot lining kits - our standard designs, trimmings and specifications can be found within our Classic Mini interior product range.


  • When it comes to the design of the seat covers, the possibilities are near enough endless and we can modify our designs (and trimmings) to make you something completely unique. Alternatively, we can retrim non-original Classic Mini front seats and trim the rest of your interior to match.
  • The possibilities are also near enough endless when it comes to door cards and if you are looking for something a little different (to the standard options that we offer) we can extensively alter & modify our door card range to suit your project. Alternatively, we can design and trim a completely bespoke set of door cards for you.
  • Our range of dashboards & centre consoles can also be very easily customised - popular modifications include carbon leatherette trimmed faces and/or different varieties of layouts (to accommodate bespoke clock & switch setups).
  • Dash liners & rear parcel shelf boards are traditionally very plain unnoticeable pieces of trim. However, they can easily be transformed into eye-catching featured trim - popular customisations here include Union Jack or diamond stitch patterns.
  • Finally, when it comes to boot lining kits the possibilities are again near enough endless and we can modify our standard boot lining kits and/or make you something completely unique.

Plus, every other items of the Classic Mini interior can certainly be customised and trimmed to match the rest of your interior. As mentioned several times above, the possibilities are near enough endless and we look forward to hearing from you, with your ideas.

Check out more examples of our work below (please click the images to enlarge) and also follow our latest projects across social media:

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This photo gallery was introduced during Covid lockdown number one (whilst Optimise HQ was shut, all the way back between March and June 2020), since Optimise HQ reopened in June 2020 we have been so busy with everything else, that annoyingly we have been unable to add to our new galleries.

Once everything has settled down and returned to normal, we promise to update this gallery regularly. Please make sure you check out our social media, where you will find 1000’s of photos.


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