Brushed Nylon Headlining (Standard)

This automotive brushed nylon headlining is the range that we use across our standard product ranges and every item trimmed in brushed nylon that you can purchase directly on the website, is trimmed in this range.

It is a smooth automotive brushed nylon material and it is also the type of material that has been used to trim a majority of headliners in mass-produced cars since the mid-1990's - in fact, the light grey option is the same material that was used in the Paul Smith Classic Mini & MPi Classic Mini. It is perfect for use across our vast range of headliners.

Please Note Brushed nylon materials are available in various other colours (such as mushroom, cream, red and blue), please contact us for an estimate.

Alternatively, the range can also be used across our bespoke services.

1. Colours may vary depending on individual computer monitor settings.
2. Colours may also vary from batch to batch.