Decorative Thread (Standard)

This thread is the range that we use across our standard product ranges and if an item has the option of a decorative top stitch, it is stitched in this range.

It is a hard-wearing premium top stitch (40s), perfect for decorative use across our vast range of products, trim & accessories.

In addition to the colours listed below there are 100's of additional colours from the same range (that you cannot select directly on the website), these additional colours are available upon request. Please contact us if you desire any of our standard products stitched in a different colour of thread.

Alternatively, the range can also be used across our bespoke services.

Please Note This range of thread matches our range of standard leatherette (in colour shade), you can be rest assured that the colours perfectly match.

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Black (000) Gunmetal grey (701) Light grey (38) Snow white (800)
01._Thread 01._Thread 01._Thread 01._Thread
Light brown (124) Beige (722) Cream (414) Burgundy (369)
01._Thread 01._Thread 01._Thread 01._Thread
Red (156) Orange (155) Dark blue (310) Royal blue (322)
Dark green (8813)      

1. Colours may vary depending on individual computer monitor settings.
2. Colours may also vary from batch to batch.