Motorbike & Moped Seat Retrims

Motorbike & Moped Seat Retrims

Our bespoke motorbike & moped seat retrim service has been developed specifically for bike riders who crave the ultimate seat. Regardless of the seat that you would like retrimming, be it a black leather retrim with contrasting piping and "R1" embroidered into the design, for a Yamaha R1 or the ultimate mod seat retrim for a custom 60's Vespa.

As demonstrated by the examples below, we have the necessary skills and expertise to create you a seat to perfectly compliment your bikes individual style.


Classic Vespa moped seat retrim

This classic Vespa seat was retrimmed for a customer who was restoring his dad's old moped as a surprise 60th birthday present. As a result, he wanted to keep the classic original look, but also wanted to add a bit of detail to the design.

The desired look was achieved by trimming the seat in a heavy grain black Martrim vinyl leatherette, combined with red detailing (the piping and stitching) - which compliments the red accessories on the Vespa's predominately cream body.


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Each individual quote for bespoke bike retrim services is completely unique depending on the complexity of the seat that you would like retrimming.

If you require a bike seat retrim please contact us regarding the above services.

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