Lead Times

Here you can find out how long it takes us to process, manufacture and dispatch orders.


Standard Product Ranges

Because of the specialist and unique nature of the products and trim that we manufacture, we will more than likely be manufacturing your order, especially for you.

Lead times vary from week to week (the 10 day period at the end of a month/beginning of a month is the busiest time of month) and month to month (the summer months, or when the weather is nice, are our busiest months). And, in addition to this, the 8 week period before & after Easter is our busiest time of the year.

If you would like to know our current estimated lead times, please contact us.

Cobra Seats

If your order includes a set of Cobra front seats we will confirm your estimated lead time via email once we have received your order. All of our Cobra seats are made to order (by Cobra) and dispatched (to Optimise HQ), we will then forward everything onto you (including the rest of your interior, that we manufacture in house, here at Optimise HQ).

If you would like to know current estimated Cobra lead times, please contact us.

Bespoke Products & Services

If your order is for a bespoke product and/or service you will have already been provided with an estimated start date and estimated lead time, for your order - please see your quote for this information.

Annual Christmas Closures:

We close every year for the Christmas period, in 2021 we will be closing on Friday 17/12/2021 @ 13:00 and reopening on Monday 03/01/2022 @ 08:30.

Finally, please contact us if you have any queries or questions regarding lead times.