Rock ’n’ Roll Beds

Rock ’n’ Roll Beds

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Optimise Automotive specialises in the supply of rock 'n' roll beds for campervans & panel vans. Our range of supplied rock ’n’ roll beds can be installed in a majority of modern flatbed vans and we offer three different levels of beds - a budget option, a premium option and a tested premium option.

Our supplied rock ’n’ roll beds are sourced from highly reputable manufacturers and are then lovingly assembled & trimmed by our highly skilled team, here at Optimise HQ in Newcastle-under-Lyme (Stoke-on-Trent), Staffordshire.

You can either bring your van into our workshop for a full drive-in-drive-out installation service or alternatively, we can supply the rock ’n’ roll bed for you to fit yourself (please ask about delivery options).



In addition to the supplied rock ’n’ roll bed options listed below, we also offer bespoke cushion retrims (allowing you to retrim your original cushions or have some new cushions made) and bespoke supplied rock ’n’ roll beds (for those of you who are looking for something more custom or individual).

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Rock 'n' Roll Beds & Buddy Seats (Supply & Trim) - Banner (700x150)


For more information, specifications, prices & photos of our supplied rock 'n' roll bed range, please select the product of interest below: