Seat Repairs

Seat Repairs

The stitch up job: £30

The easiest way to repair a rip in a seat cover is to simply sew it up - we can do this on the spot without removing the seat from the car and/or without removing the seat covers from the seat. However, it is a bit of a bodge job - it won’t look particularly good (as you can see from the photos below) and it won’t last particularly long (you will eventually have to get the panel replaced, as detailed below).

It takes around half an hour (per rip) and please contact us in advance of calling over, to ensure that we have the time to complete the job.



The proper job: From £150 (+ materials)

Our other option is what we call “the proper job”. If you would like to progress with this option we will remove the seat from the car, remove the covers from the seat and replace the damaged foams and/or replace the ripped/worn seat cover panels - so basically, it looks as good as new.

A simple bolster repair rough estimated cost can be anything from £150 (per bolster), plus the cost of the materials (if required).

With regards to matching the material (so we can replace the seat cover panel) we will need to take a look at the seat. And at this point I would like to make you aware that unfortunately, if we cannot find a match within the range of samples from our regular suppliers, we will be unable to complete the repair (if you would like, we can certainly make a new panel in a different material - but obviously, it wouldn’t match).

In addition to this, the first available start dates (for a repair project of this nature) would have to be booked in, well in advance, within our bespoke schedule of work - this means that the first available start date could be anything from around 4 weeks away (depending on the time of year and how busy we are, it could be sooner or it could be later). Just to let you know, the lead time for such a project would typically be around 2 days and if you would like to progress with a quote (for “the proper job” repair), detailed information regarding estimated start dates and estimated lead times will be included.



If any of the options above are of interest, please let us know and we can take it from there.