26/02/2024 - Welcome to a new future…

In a time of change, financially & socially, we’ve been forced to adapt how we operate, revise what we do & also where we do it.

It’s incredible to think that we turned 15 last year and at no point since I founded Optimise back in 2008 had I ever considered downsizing. In fact, regular readers of our Blog will know that it’s quite the opposite and I was continually working on developing & expanding what we do.

Sadly, like many businesses in the UK, we’ve been unable to cope within this governments post Brexit/Covid financial climate and we’ve found ourselves squeezing margins, which in relation to rising material costs, utility costs and labour costs, has meant that the Optimise of old, no longer works in today’s UK. Quite simply, to continue operating as we used to, we are unable to put our prices up enough, whilst also remaining competitive in our markets.

Moving forward, I’ve developed the services that we offer and moved to a new workshop, completely overhauling our business model and our daily operations, to secure the short-term & long-term future of Optimise Automotive.

When you run a business born from passion and a love of the Mini, it becomes your life and following a difficult period, during which I have been forced to make decisions that I never thought I would, it’s time to again concentrate on the future.

So with that thought in mind, lets do that and lets raise a glass (or a few bottles of beer in my case) to a glorious future full of quality stitched leather and tweed - production is open!

Have a great day.

Kind regards,