Rusty Lee Rock 'n' Roll Beds - Split Screen & Bay Window



Rusty Lee Split Screen & Bay Window rock 'n' roll beds.

Rusty Lee


Designed for Split Screen & Bay Window vans and available in both 3/4 width and full width configuration.

• Powder coated in grey (other colours available).

• Full length in bed position is 1750mm.

• 3/4 width 1050mm or full width 1460mm.

• 9mm plywood bases & 80mm foams.

• Trimmed to your requirements & designs.

Each individual quote for the supply & trim of a Rusty Lee rock 'n' roll bed will be unique depending on the complexity of the design (of the covers) and also the option of trimmings (leatherette, leather, cloth etc.) that you would like to progress with.

Trimmed in a leatherette (standard), with a fluted (straight stitched) surface panel design and also edged in piping, prices would start as follows:

• 3/4 width rock 'n' roll bed: £900 (+P&P)

• Full width rock 'n' roll bed: £1000 (+P&P)

All of our Rusty Lee Split Screen & Bay Window rock 'n' roll bed cushions are trimmed to perfection, using quality upholstery methods.

Our upholstered cushions are fully trimmed (like a cushion on your sofa) and completely enclosed, wrapping the plywood baseboards and foams within the fully upholstered covers. We do not staple our covers to the baseboards, which prevents the covers from ripping and/or becoming loose over time. Basically, every time you move on a cushion the cover will pull, push & move around under you, if your covers are fixed directly to the baseboard using staples all of that force (your movement) is put on the staples and over time this will rip your covers.

Our fully trimmed covers will pull, push & move around under you effortlessly, withstand the force (your movement) and last the test of time.

The fully upholstered cushions are then bolted directly to the frames, which means your cushions will not go flying off when you have to brake hard or move around when you are sitting and/or sleeping on them.



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